Friday, January 14, 2011

Icy road conditions during Atlanta's Winter Wonderland 2011

A few days ago, I posted photos of the Winter Wonderland 2011 in Atlanta.

Never ever has Atlanta been hit with icy conditions. I've lived in Atlanta since I was only 4-years-old!

1) Even though Atlanta got snow on Christmas 2010, the last time Atlanta had a snowy Christmas Day was in the 1881.

2) Even though we did get snow during that time, the snow melted and it has never turned to icy conditions.

3) Metro Atlanta schools were closed all week due to hazardous conditions.

I didn't go to work for three days! When I went to work yesterday, it was still icy. Sooo scary! I drove only 35 mph on the highway.

When I was heading home, I snapped some photos of the ice on the side of the road.

It looked like a skating rink!

Althoug the sun was trying to come out, ice still remains.

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