Monday, January 17, 2011

History of my birthday

Since the zodiac signs changed recently, adding a 13th sign - Ophiuchus, I posted on Twitter that I never really got into astrological stuff cause my birthday is confusing anyways.....

So for Sujoy, here goes my explanation

Honestly, I don't know how to avoid explanation of my birthday cause it is so freaking confusing.

Let me explain. I always grew up thinking my birthday was March 4th. I've celebrated it for 16 long years....until I was ready to finally work to earn my own money. So when I finally try to get a job and get my driver's license, I was told I had to wait a month before doing so.

Why? Here goes....

My parents came to the USA in the mid 70s from Thailand. I was only 6-months-old at that time. After living in the USA for a few years, they became American citizens and naturalized me at the young age of four. When getting my paperwork ready to get my driver's license, the birthdate on the naturalization document was April 4th  instead of March 4th.

Even though all my school paperwork had March 4th, it didn't matter because my naturalization document had the date April 4th. During that time, my parents didn't know what to do or change my birthday they just left it like that. I would just have to wait a month before I could "officially" work.

My mom believes that the lady who filled out the paperwork at that time got confused with the order of month/date that is differently from America versus everywhere else.

For example, my paperwork coming to the USA has March 4th as 4/3 instead of 3/4. So the lady got confused and put 4 first for the month even though it suppose to be 3 and continued the day as 4.

So on legal paperwork, my birthday is April 4th...but I *never* celebrate that day.

Then to add more confusion to my birthday....

My mom tells me that my REAL Birthday is May 15th.
WTH???? I'm more confused now.

She explained to me that when filling out paperwork to come to America, I wasn't born yet. She was still pregnant with me in her tummy. We came to the USA in October so she had to fill out the paperwork like I was already born because the space to come to America was limited so my parents just made up March 4th as my birthday. (I even have the copied document of this but you know how government want the original)

So which zodiac same am I? What the heck am I? Pisces??? Aries??? Taurus???
Which sign best describes me? And with the new signs, I am more confused.

Till this day, when someone ask for my birthday, I still say March 4th because that's the day I grew up believing is my birthday. I have always been known to be a Pisces.

My friends and family all still celebrate my birthday on March 4th.

Now,  you know the confusion.....


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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...4/3 or 3/4 of May 15th LOL. Damn, don't worry Nicki. It really doesn't matter