Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm too nice

Since last week was Diversity Week at work, for those who work on my floor who helped contribute towards the costs of drinks, I am going out of my way to make them eggrolls.

I don't have to do so but I am going to show them I really appreciate their efforts.

I'm off this Friday from work but I am coming and bringing them the food. I want to make sure the eggrolls are fresh and warm by the time I come in.

For those who didn't contribute, they are getting nothing.

I am individually wrapping three eggrolls for each person. And for those who contributed more and helped me out that day, they are getting more eggrolls.

This is just my way of saying THANK YOU.

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lapetitediva said...

I love eggrolls. They sound so good!

I've noticed that the people who contribute the least tend to eat/drink THE MOST at office parties. For instance, this one guy claimed he was "boycotting" a holiday party we had a while back because he felt we had too many of them, but who was first in line at the buffet table? Yep, "Mr. Boycott" himself. I wanted to call him out on that, but didn't.