Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Georgia Hmong New Years 2009-2010

I posted these pics on my Indian Cinema blog. The rest of the pics are on Facebook

This past weekend was the Hmong New Years. My parents are in charge of the annual event. My dad says he is going to retire from chairman but will continue to help out with planning.

In the past, I usually attend the Hmong New Years just to play volleyball. However, I'm getting older and need to chill and relax. I promised my hubby I wouldn't play competitively anymore (so that means the New Years too, the injuries lately!). Besides, I could focus more on the other activities at the New Years.

Because I usually miss out the early events, I was able to see the annual ribbon cutting.

My friend's cousins dancing.

Random pics of food vendor. What usually is sold at the New Years is a plate of purple sticky rice with either chicken, fish, ribs, or sausage. You could also buy papaya salad, bubble tea, pho, rice rolls, egg rolls, sesame balls, and more!

Yummy fruits.

Movie vendor.

Let's take a closer look. You see Bollywood? Well, there were more but just took a pic of one. There are more Korean dvds to choose from though. To be fair, I only took a pic of this vendor. A lot of Bollywood films are dubbed in Hmong, but not the one below. The ones that are dub will actually have Hmong titles.

Yep, we, Hmong people, love some Bollywood. And Korean. And Thai. And Hong Kong. We just love movies, in general.

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lapetitediva said...

I love purple, and I love sticky rice, so that combination sounds divine :)

If possible, I'd love to see a screen cap of a Bollywood movie with Hmong subs if you have one.