Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Hmong

I have no shame in admitting I'm Hmong.

Some Hmong people even claim to be Lao or Thai just to avoid educating others what Hmong is. 95% of the time, the average person do *not* know what the heck a Hmong person is.

I like being different. I don't mind educating others.

What is bugging me about Hmong people, in general, is their ignorance.

When I asked the Hmong community to help reach out to the Hmong refugees who were in jail in Thailand just because they were Hmong, many of them did not want to help out.

Or they claim they would help out if I tell them what to do. I did tell them, they just didn't want to help out.

Many Hmong Americans expect the US government to help out Hmong people in Laos and/or Thailand who are struggling.

To me, it starts at home. You can *not* rely on others to help out.

I completely understand if you are unable to help out. You cannot help out everyone. What is bothering me is the ones who complain but do nothing about it.

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