Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updates in life....

Over the weekend, my baby brother's wedding celebration! It's quite complicated with the wedding dates for him because his girl friend lives in NC while we live here in GA. Plus she's a school teacher so she has to get back to teaching after the weekend. Her family's religion is Shaman while ours is Christian.

My parents had a wedding celebration on Saturday, May 28th. I did the crappy invitation, kinda last minute. My parents wanted it written in Hmong. I stratched out the address and phone numbers.

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The Hmong is going to be on June 18th. Then their American wedding is August 20th!

I have been working a second job since March. I was excited at first...but now after a few months into it, I hate it. It's cause it's retail. I've worked two jobs before but not retail. I just hate all the sales quota and trying to get customers to open up credit cards. My boss specifically told me that I was NOT a cashier.

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