Monday, May 23, 2011


For the past year, I've had dreamless nights. Last night, I had a weird dream. It was not a nightmare or anything but it was just plain W-E-I-R-D!

It was almost like watching a Korean horror. It was watching my life in a movie.

Right now, it is clear in my mind. I want to write it down in case, I want to refer back to it cause I'm sure by tomorrow, I would have forgotten the details.

You know how dreams are, it's like the Hollywood movie, Inception, you're in one place and then all of a sudden, you're somewhere else, even though you only slept 10 mins, it felt like an hour!

What I could remember is me, myself, as a grownup, I am at a friend's house (funny thing is I don't remember this friend, who that person is or anything, but obviously, she knows me) and she showed me a picture of me when I was younger. I was probably 2 or 3, no more than 4. In the picture, I am next to a boy around my age. We both are sitting down on stools.

When you look closer, it's in the kitchen area, the background reminds you of that Korean movie, A Tale of Two Sisters, the kitchen area, with its 70s interior look. Picture was bluish-black tinted look.

The boy and I are both adorable. I had that typical Asian little girl haircut back then (and in the picture/dream), bob cut with thick, blunt bangs. I was wearing a skirt and was barefoot. What made the picure more intruging is I had black marks on my ankles and feet! They aren't bruises or sharpie marks...but when you do look closer, they almost look like oil or sticky substance.

Next I take a flashback with trying to remember what happened at that age. This part makes it scary for me...because in reality, I really don't remember what happened to me when I was younger.

TRUE STORY - before I get back to the dream.
     When I was in Kindergarten, my parents moved to a new house, which was located on a busy street across a cemetary. At that time, I didn't know it was a cemetary. I was used to cemetaries having white tombstones, this cemetary only had bouquet of flowers everywhere. 
    Vaguely, I remember a time when I was running from a stranger and starting banging on the door and broke the glass. I don't know if that's true or not what really happened. What I do know is that I did break the glass window on the door. We lived in that house from Kindergarten to the middle of my 3rd grade. I used to hear noises at night. I used to have spirts on top of me (at that time, I didn't know what it was....)

BACK to dream

Dream takes me back in flashbacks. It's like I'm almost hypnotize. I am an adult watching my childhood again during that time in the photo.

I see this woman who was suppose to take me to church camp (I know, it's strange cause I was too young to know anything and taken for that long, actually I never knew how long it took). The woman in the flashback, I actually know in real life. She is the wife of a pastor. The boy in the flashback is her son. He is also around my age! (this is real life, yes)

Of course, dreams are weird and jumps around.

You see my mom crying and holding me cause she was telling the woman that she refuses to let her take me to any church camp in the future anymore cause of what happened last time. The woman tells my mom that she promises it won't happen again.

Flashback again - I'm playing in the garden or was it a field? All I know is that I was playing near a bush, I had a white Sunday dress on, some bugs started biting me and I was crying. Next thing I know, I am in the kitchen floor,  crying. It looks like a black plague growing from my feet going up to my legs. The woman is in the other room, holding her son, ignoring me, she hears me but doesn't care. The little me just cried myself to sleep and am on the floor.

Back to my mom crying and holding me like an infant.

That was it. It was weird and a bit creepy. Mainly cause I know this woman and her son. I've never really liked or disliked her. She was always there.

And then there's the fact that when I was younger, I used to be scared to sleep cause I would have that spirit on top of me.

I know, weird. I just wanted to share it.

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Nkauj Hmoob Chubby said...

Omg so scary! Me too. I hate having those weird awkward dreams. Sometimes I find myself waking up confuse to if it really or didn't happen at all.. one time I had a dream that I drowned at a lake up here... and I was screaming for her but no one could hear me than all of a sudden I see my boyfriend, now ex bf, walked into the water, carried a body out which was suppose to be me, but when I looked at it, it wasn't me at all, but everyone kept crying on shore while I'm standing in the water looking and watching everything happened, and I'm just in shock that the person wasn't even me, but they were all crying as if it was me. So so so scary and weird.

I also hate flashbacks, dreams jumping around like that, circling real people and people I don't know.