Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 28 - Picture of you last year and a picture of you this year

30 Day Blog/Photo Challenge: Day 28

Woah, almost been exactly a year since these two pics were taken!!
My hair has gotten so long! I still need to lose weight too!

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Nkauj Hmoob Chubby said...

I love these before/after photos. I look completely different when I put all my pictures together. Lol.

And thank you for reading everything I write, I went back and read my blog and it doesn't make sense. Lol, when I'm writing, I get super excited and carried away and type super fast, miss-spells some words and so on. And yes having unequal eyes are so hard to work with, no matter how I try to work with it, it never looks good, but oh well.

And about the smokey eye--- oh my gosh.... I look like I have a black eye too! LOL. I cannot do super dark makeup or super light. I will either look like a dead raccoon or a blind puppy. Lol.

I use to be impatient with makeup too, but I discovered, I can look completely different if I take my time which is also sometimes VERY scary. I feel that I look much more presentable if I have on a lot of makeup, but at the same time, I feel like I'm a clown. Haha.