Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whole grain Asian noodles

Yesterday after work, I went grocery shopping at this Asian wholesale place. I decided to buy some noodles for the family. Hey, it's cold season and my kids love noodles, the Asian ones. As I was looking for the usual kind, Mama Pork & Mama Chicken, I found that Mama also has the whole grain version. I bought some too.

When I went home to cook, I decided to taste this whole grain version. It was good. I like. Guess I will eat whole grain noodles. I have been buying brown Jasmine rice for myself.

Next, I will try whole grain spaghetti noodles.

Oh yeah, I went grocery shopping to buy stuff for pho. Even though I do NOT like pho (you read that right!), I still make it for my family. I found some pho noodles that was the brand HMONG SISTERS. I took a picture of it and will upload it tonight.

Am I the *only* Asian person who do NOT like eating pho?

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Sheetal said...

Nicki, please tell me what's "pho"?