Monday, October 5, 2009

No more MySpace, what about FaceBook?

I completely handed over my MySpace to my daughter. She has gone in and deleted a bunch of my friends and kept only a few. I'm sure she has accidently deleted some of her friends.

Right now, I'm back to being the personal person. Not sharing many pictures and keeping it on the DL. Again, I get this way from time to time. The photos that I do plan on sharing won't be of people, maybe just scenery and objects.

As for FaceBook, I don't do much updating there. Again, I started FaceBook five years ago to keep in touch with people who love Bollywood films. Now, it has emerged to high school friends, co-workers, and people from MySpace going to FaceBook.

I don't update my status much but do so on Twitter. Most people who have me on Twitter and follow me are quite the updaters, which I like. I have a lot of interaction there. I started Twitter because I was stalking the celebs.

But of course, that may fade. As for right now, that's what I usually do, update on Twitter.

In otherwise, it's always better to email me to keep in touch. Or call.

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