Friday, April 24, 2009


This year, the weather has been so weird.

Snowed in March.

Rained a lot in April already.

Last night it hailed.

Today it's beautiful.

But so will this weekend!


Just glad the weekend is going to be nice.

Going to be busy all day Saturday. One of my childhood friends is having a birthday party for her son at the park. It's going to be at one of the newer parks in Gwinnett county.

Besides that in the evening, I plan to take my daughter walking with me in the morning. We've been doing 3 - 5 miles on Saturday's since February. I've encouraged her to do something active because she is very lazy. Plus once she hits middle school, I don't want her to be the "chubby" kid anymore.

Also have a dentist appointment on Saturday, along with the kids. I hate taking them out of school to go to the dentist so I've been going to a dentist that opens on Saturday's. Much, much better!!

Sunday, I really have no plans but wanted hubby go to kayaking. He loves fishing. He has to take my van so I'll be at home doing nothing. But I do have to study and maybe watch and review a Telugu movie.