Friday, April 17, 2009

Accounts for everything

Yes, I am bored.

Am I back to blogging or just bored?

But I sign up for everything....

I have accounts for...

Asian Avenue
Yahoo Groups


Probably more but don't remember right now.

I guess what ever is happening and, whatever.

However, I do log on Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter daily. The rest, well, there were accounts.

Sometimes I forget that I create an account when I get an email and check - it's because I had an IM from someone from those accounts.

I didn' t remember who she was but it dawned on my later.

Dang, me with so many accounts.

On another note, I was sooo happy to re-connect with so many people from the past from FaceBook.

I like FaceBook for that reason. However, these are people who knew me back then. They don't know me now. Or they are people who I have recently connected due to the Interent.

Then there is MySpace which I have so many reality celebs on there that I follow. Even high profile celebs. Plus a lot of Asians use it. Most of them have converted from Asian Avenue to Xanga to MySpace. Bunch of my family members from all over the country uses MySpace.

Finally Twitter. The biggest craze. Nothing to really interact with others - just a sentence letting everyone know how you are doing. Kinda of what FaceBook has been doing. Then MySpace copying all of what FaceBook is doing.