Friday, April 10, 2009

Post office

Okay, fine. Inflation everywhere.

Even the price of stamps. Whatever.

That's why I pay my bills online.

But my rant for today is that I had a package that was to be delievered at work. It has to be signed by someone. Therefore, I wanted it to be delievered here.

Instead, the USPS postal servicer worker went to the mail room. No one was there. The guy was away from his desk, probably delivering packages in the building.

So the USPS guy left a pink slip.

The mail room guy gave me the pink slip.

I was disappointed.

WTH? Why couldn't the USPS guy go to the receptionist to have someone sign for the package?

My problem is I am not able to pick up the package cause the USPS guy is still out there delivering packages.

Plus today is Friday. I can not pick up the package tomorrow.

Now, he's going to attempt to deliver on Monday.

I called the office to complain. I know they can only tell me so much.

All I ask for us that stupid USPS guy to call me to let me know when he will be coming back to re-deliver.

I will definitely be there personally to sign for the package.


Why am I having problems?

I've had packages delivered to work before. Usually they drop it at the front desk at the receptionist.

Right now, sticking only to FedEx and UPS.