Friday, June 18, 2010

"You are your worst critic"

We always want what we don't have. Most of it deals with genetic, nothing we could really control.

If we have black hair, we want blonde. If we have blue eyes, we want green. If we are tall, we want to be shorter. The list is endless.

Women are the worse at this. People can tell us that we're beautiful but we still don't see that because "inside" we don't agree.

One of my girlfriends was telling me that she thinks she has buggy eyes and a big forehead. I told her no way!!! I think she's hot but she doesn't. I think I have a a huge forehead and ugly eyes since my eyelids are uneven.

See, we are our worst critic.

I, personally, notice things about myself that others don't. That is my fault since I bring attention to it and now, I get them to see my flaws!

Then I think to myself...was there ever a time that I loved myself? Not really....

I do know my hubby tells me daily that he loves me just the way I am. After all the weight gains and tacky, mix-match outfits, he still stands by my side.

He definitely loves me for who I am because I was never the beautiful, thin girl. I've always been big-boned, had some meat on me.

I know all of this...but why do I still want to be change my image? Lose that weight that haven't been lost in many years? Change my hair or clothes to look good?

My problem is I compare myself to others too much. Why can't I be thin like that? I feel that if I'm thinner, I would look better in a lot outfits. True, true, that I have had kids and I'm in my mid 30s now but there are women who are in their 40s and had more kids than me and look hot!!!

I think this will always be an ongoing process for me.

Until I love myself more (or lose lots of weight???), I will continue to feel like this.....

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