Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I do NOT know how to swim! :(

I started this post on Friday but never finished it.

I tweeted about the weather getting up to the mid 90s this weekend and going to pool but not knowing how to swim :(

My encouraging Tweet buddies encouraged me. Thanks ladies for always making me :)

For some reason, I have this fear of water. It cannot be above my waist or I feel like I'm drowning. I don't even like taking a shower and holding my head up facing the faucet.

I have had dreams before with me drowning but was somehow saved, whether it's from a dolphin or just waking up since nothing happened to me. The dream always ending with me tredding water, needing help, but that's it. Or the dolphin saving me. I love dolphins so that may be the reason.

It's ironic about water since I think being around a beach, lake, or pool is very calming and passive. On top of that, I love drinking water only. Don't like many other beverages out there.

PS - took the kids to the pool yesterday. I got a bad burn and had heat stroke! aaaahhhh...that's what happens with 95+ degrees weather in Atlanta

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