Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Less than two months before my Twin Cities vacation


I. Can. Not. Wait!

I am even more excited now that I re-connected with a few of my cousins on Facebook!!!

Not only that, I get to meet some online friends who love Indian cinema as much as I do. Yes, that's more than Bollywood (Hindi)! We're gonna talk about my favorite Telugu hottie, Allu Arjun :D

The main reason why I was going to MN was to see my first cousin (from my mom's side) daughter get married. I've watched her grown up. I just had to go. First of all, she was sweet enough to work out a wedding date for me to just attend. I love her that much!

So no, I am *not* going for the annual Hmong July 4th tournament. I have no reason to go for that. It would be a waste of my time. I am not going to play volleybal. I am not single. So it would be really boring for me.

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