Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love my online friends

We all have friends, we meet from childhood to the present.

Whether or not, we actually hang out with them to go shopping or just chit-chat. We have them as a friend for a reason.

My main passion is movies, celebs, music, fashion, something in that nature. I love the entertainment world. I'm not an expert to judge but I put my heart and soul into that.

I grew up watching movies, mostly Bollywood. I devoted a whole blog just for Indian cinema.

Hmong people, in general, watch different types of film industries from Hong Kong, Thai, Korean, to India (Hindi). Probably because we don't have a country of our own.

Even though my Hmong friends do enjoy watching movies, I haven't found one who shared my passion for films, in general. Not even a non Hmong person.

I turned to Yahoo Clubs, then Groups, whatever they are called now to read about the latest news and gossips. Then, I found a message forums, particularly Bollywhat. I love it. Many non Desi from all over the globe uniting together.

Atlanta is one of the few cities in the 90s that had a Bollywood theater. Yet, I have not found a Desi friend to hang out with. I take that back. I found her few years ago when she married and moved to Atlanta. But since then, she moved again. :( I miss her. We met through Bollywhat too.

Finally, I turned to blogging. I wanted to share my passion through pictures and my silly randomness. That was a whole new world. With blogging, I can be who I want to be. I didn't have to go rules from a forum. I could blab nonsense if I wanted to.

With screen caps, I could show people what a film could offer. Share with others my love of films. Write about the soundtrack. I cannot live without music, whenever I cook, I have to have music on.

Some of my "real" life friends think it's silly for me to be in my own world of films. But they don't know how good it feels to escape from reality sometimes.

They don't share or understand the love I have for movies.

Heck, if my hubby and kids understand that is a part of me, I shouldn't care. Right?

But I love my online friends. I love making new friends too. I hope to meet each and everyone of them one day. We connect in a totally different type of world.

That's why I am always willing to share my passion and send out films I enjoy.

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Maya Magdalena said...

Awww... what a sweet post! It's so much better being alone together, isn't it? :) Thank you so much for being here, for being you ♥