Sunday, September 26, 2010

Korean Festival

My daughter and I went to the 2nd annual Korean festival. It was a bit disappointing cause I was wanting to buy Taeyang cds/posters but instead I see mobile and insurance vendors instead. 

Maybe it's the Thai, Laos, Hmong events that I go to because I want to see more pop culture merchandises.

Some vendors...

Tae Kwon Do show

Drum girls
they were good!!!

Fan girls
interesting but like the drum girls more :D

Fashion parade

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the drum dance. When I saw it performed there were only two women performing, I bet is was even more fun with more people! At least that one vendor with the air brushing (face paint? t-shirts?) had a Mashimaro on there - he's actually Korean. Otherwise...yeah...I have more Korean culture in my bedroom. :D Hope it was entertaining and good mom/daughter time. :)