Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Satire on common nations from natural news health ranger mike adams

Here are my rules of thumb regarding common nations (satire):

If you want it cheap and dirty, buy from China.

If you want it affordable and usable, buy from Taiwan.

If you want it precise and durable, buy from Japan.

If you want it overpriced and unhealthy, buy from America.

If you want it over-engineered and unjustifiably expensive, buy from Germany.

If you want it expensive but high quality, buy from Canada.

If you want it cheap and fast, and you don't really care if it actually
works, buy from Mexico.

If you want it cool-looking but useless because it's broken, buy from

If you want it cheap and late, buy from India (and keep your fingers crossed).

If you want to pay triple taxes on it, buy from the UK.

If you want it to snub your friends and make them feel inferior, buy it from

If you'd rather just talk about buying it instead of actually buying it,
then do it in Italy.

If you don't want it at all, send your money to the email scamming guy in

Hopefully, you have a sense of humor about all this. Most people find these lists funny, but if you feel offended by this list then feel free to send me a funnier list you write yourself. If it's sufficiently funny (and insightful), I'll publish it.

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