Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stupid racist comments about Japan taking USA in Women World Cup

Now, don't get me wrong. I love America. I'm Asian by ethnicity but American by nationality. Stolen from AngryAsianMan

I was for USA all the freaking way!!!

However, stupid racist comments are uncalled for!!!

Here is some of what is on there...

its ok that japan won thats soccer game...because in WW2 we owned them ;)

hey, japan im pretty sure USA kicked ur ass in WW2 so i still consider the USA to be beating you so, SUCK IT! #WINNING#

so japan won the world...its ok we still have hiroshima

Looking at pictures of Hiroshima just reminds me of Pearl. I will never feel sorry for the Japs

fucking pan-face gooks

I saw we bomb the gooks again

Fuck womens sucker. They were so hyped up and they cant even beat a bunch of slanty eyed twats

thats fuking disgusting. watching these slanty eyed animals hoist the trophy is making me sick

Wtf we just lost to them slanted eyed gooks you gotta be kidding me

Some person on Facebook put a collage together here...

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