Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3rd year for Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk

2010 will be the third year I will participate with the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk sponsered by my job.

Honestly, last year, even though I registered, didn't get to participate. During Labor Day weekend, I sprained my spinal cord while playing volleyball. So with the doctor's advise, I was out of work for a week! I wasn't able to walk right until 4 weeks later.

What I love about joining with the company...I pay absolutely NOTHING! They company pays for the registration, lunch, and I get freebies at the race. And even get a free membership for a month!

The first year, I joined, Bally's sponsored. Last year, Bodyplex sponsored. This year, it's going to be LA Fitness. I cannot wait to use my 4-weeks free pass tonight!

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