Friday, July 2, 2010

25 Random Facts about me

I posted this on Facebook but wanted to share with others who didn't have Facebook...

Here's 25 Random Facts About ME =)

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1. I am on Twitter more now just because I could connect with people with the same interest as me (movies!!!) on there (and stalk my celebs).

2. My hair is growing out and I plan to keep it that way. Short hair is cute but with long hair, I feel sexier, just need to learn about stylish cuts.

3. I still often get mistaken the most for Hawaiin and Filipinas. It’s the dark skin, I tell you!

4. I cannot swim and sometimes am terrified of the water, being surrounded by that much water, especially anything waist up. I have dreams of drowning sometimes.

5. Drowning is scary but I want to fly, goal to skydive soon. I want that rushed feeling. I love roller coasters!

6. As I’ve grown older, I am impatient and hate crowds. I often go to the store really early to avoid the rushed crowd.

7. Although I love my celeb men (especially Bunny), I am still madly in love with my hubby. He is the reason for my sanity, he supports and stands by my side no matter what.

8. My son is a teenager and is going to be 14 next month, time flies. My daughter will be 11 this year.

9. Still have our dog. She’ll be 10 in a few weeks. I recently got a letter from the vet congratulating me on having “senior citizen” dog. It’s okay. She still looks like a puppy because she’s so tiny (still only 12 lbs) and is still hyper! Hubby was telling my daughter that he’ll get her a bunny (no, it’s not because of me! I swear!!) but had to change his mind because she wouldn’t know how to take care of it. We’ll see ;P

10. I am a picky eater, depending on what is in the dish, particularly the type of meat. But I will eat any type of cuisine. I believe there is something in every ethnic dish that someone will like. Just have to be open minded.

11. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of celeb crushes but the two main ones are younger than me (consist too much of my time reading up on their lives, collecting pictures, making videos, etc) Guesses? Sad part is they are both my brothers’ ages, hahaha! Never thought about that until just now…

12. Even though I may seem to be disconnected from my Hmong people by marrying a Khmer guy, I believe I have more Hmong pride than those who are married to Hmong people. I take the time to educate others by telling them about Hmong people and have a blog about all the news/articles I find online.

13. Blogging has helped me reach out to others. Whether it’s on Indian, Korean, or Hong Kong movies on Hmong information, I have met so many people online (Bollywhat too) and love it.

14. I’ve definitely been pushing and trying to convert Bollywood fans into South Indian films because Bollywood has lost it :D Once you see a South Indian film, you’ll know why. Telugu is still my fave (and it’s not because of you know who!). I’ve had the most success with Magadheera and Anand :P (see, they don’t even star my hottie!) Hello, the dancing in South India is enough!

15. Looking through my movie list, I need to stop buying movies because there are plenty that I still haven’t seen. For example, I bought Bips film, Shob Charitro Kalponik, around February of this year and still have not watched it. It’s mainly because Bengali films are artsy and I want to be in the mood to watch it.

16. I get at least one e-mail a week from Bollywood fans (mostly Hmong) who ask me about helping them find the original Hindi movie that they saw when they were younger or helping find the title of that film.

17. I love men with some facial hair, especially the 5 o’clock shadow. It’s funny because some guys who I never had the hots for, I suddenly do think that they are fine when they sport that look. I love my hubby with it, he looks sexy.

18. I still know nothing about makeup. I am very impatient and a perfectionist. If I don’t get it right the first few times, I give up. I need to be more patient.

19. YouTube is wonderful! I just mentioned how impatient I am with makeup. I still love watching the tutorials, or the latest music videos from my favorites, or even clips on shows, even in Korea or India ! Amazing!

20. I loooove music. I must have music in the car while driving, while I’m cooking and cleaning, and even on when getting ready to work in the morning.

21. Sometimes I miss volleyball. Sometimes I don’t. However, I know I won’t play competitively anymore, only just for fun. It’ll be almost a year the last time I played (last time I injured myself, sprained tail bone!)

22. There are quite a few places in the USA that I must visit before I take a trip overseas. LA is one of them. And no, I don’t have my passport yet.

23. I am jealous at non Desis who have visited India and I haven’t. Mainly because I am so obsess and in love with India that I wish money didn’t stop me from going there.

24. Some people say money do not make the world go round but it would sure make my life easier. I do think without money, you won’t have as much fun either. Sure, I could just chill and watch a movie and be entertain….but I need money for more movies :D

25. Learning about culture is a part of history. I have this weird obsession about maps. I love looking at old maps, how many new countries form, why it happened and so forth. Although there are many countries now, many countries still are similar with the language and clothing.

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