Thursday, November 6, 2008

Never realized the love

Hubby tells me he loves me daily but what I overheard goes beyond that!

No wonder I'm still in love with him madly.

We have ups and downs but through it all - I still love him.

Last night I overheard him tell his brother, my brother, and my son about the only person who he truly only love is "my wife." That's me! He says his father left him, his mom gave up on him, his siblings don't care for him, his kids will leave him after marriage but only me, his wife, will be there for him.

He goes on and tells the story of how I stood by him through it all -- when he was homeless, jobless, not quite a man yet, I was there for him. No one in this world loves him more than me, not even his mother.

That put tears in my eyes and it does right now too. I know he loves me but the extent - sometimes I don't know. He doesn't know I overheard the conversation.

I love him.

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Diane said...

hey Nikki,
kuv nyiam koj cov ntawv uas koj sau heev. kuv tus txiv tsis yog hmoob thiab. Koj tus yog haiv neeg dabtsi nab? Please keep blogging. I love it!